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Q Photography

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Quiana Croom; a Philadelphia, Pennsylvania native but has called San Antonio her home for the past 12 years. Quiana’s military career, brought her to Lackland Air Force Base in 2001 where she served as an allergy and medical technician. Ms. Croom served her country in Irag and Kyrgyzstan.  

Quiana is now a psychology major at the University of Phoenix and mom to her 3 year old son, Lyric.
Ms. Croom has an urban style mixed with a splash of Texas culture in her portfolio. From using her mother’s Polaroid as a child, to owning her own photgraphy business here in San Antonio; Quiana developed her gift into a variety of skills.
Through private lessons and self-teaching, Ms. Croom has honed her craft and wants to continue this creative photography journey. Her love for expression and culture makes every photo soulful.

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Smith Uncommon Images

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Jack Smith has the pleasure of sharing the same birthday (different years) with his brother and sister, September 7. He was born in Albuquerque, New Mexico. Jack lives in Helotes, Texas with his wife of 38 years, Sally Smith and two cats. Jack retired from teaching after 31 years and now has time to volunteer at the YWCA, coach Little League and pursue his passion for photography. Loves the outdoors Jack a former marathon runner walks four miles a day. His connection with nature supports his life-long dream: to be a nature and wildlife photographer.

Jack is inspired by his family travels, camping vacations, family photo albums and family home movies.  As a free- lance professional photographer, Jack also schedules time for on location portrait photography including engagement, bridal, weddings, graduations, birthdays, Quincenera celebrations, funerals etc.

After seeing his work at a local exhibition, we contacted Jack. When we met Jack, we knew his work would be a great fit for the inn. Mr. Smith’s attributes of positive attitude, caring, calming, helpful, enthusiastic, gentle, kind, sincere, thoughtful, friendly and free-spirited match perfectly with the owners and innkeepers of Eva’s Escape. We are excited to partner with Mr. Smith and feature his work throughout the house. 

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