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Namaste Wellness Spa is featured at Eva's Escape. You do not have to leave the comfort of your room! Massage packages start at $135.00. Treat you or your loved one to a true escape!

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“Lily” Aromatherapy Massage

75 minutes $190/ 55 minutes $140

A full-body therapeutic massage using blends of oils selected for your individual needs. This relaxing and aromatic massage focuses on the pressure points of the body using a slow massage pace to suit your needs.

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“Bluebonnet” Swedish Massage

75 minutes $180/ 55 minutes $135

This is a great introduction massage. The movements help soothe tired aching muscles and leave you feeling relaxed and rejuvenated. This is a full-body massage.

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“Magnolia” Deep Tissue Massage

75 minutes $200/ 55 minutes $140

This massage uses specific techniques to release deep seated muscular tension. This firm massage is ideal for those who enjoy deep massage pressure and require focus on particular areas of their body. Advanced massage techniques are used throughout this bespoke treatment to help relieve tight muscles and improve muscle health and flexibility.

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“Lavender” Hot Stone Massage

75 minutes $200/ 55 minutes $140

A therapeutic full-body massages using hot volcanic stones. The stones are used to melt muscle tension and to induce a deep feeling of relaxation. This massage is ideal for clients suffering from high levels of mental stress.

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“Beauregard” Pre & Post Natal Massage

75 minutes $190/ 55 minutes $135

This special treatment is designed for mothers-to-be as they enter their second trimester or for mothers post baby. Special nourishing oils are used in this therapeutic massage to soothe away aching muscles and to relax the mother during this special time.

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Custom Full Body Massage Option

75 minutes $195/ 55 minutes $150

Work with the massage therapist to create a massage that addresses your specific needs. This can include oils and hot towels.